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How the Romans shaped our Hedges HL
Gillian Hovell
Gillian Hovell

ANCIENT ROOTS: How the Romans Shaped Our Hedges

A talk by Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist

The Romans used box hedges in nearly all their gardens.

Join us as we dig into what archaeology and ancient writers tell us about the Romans’ innovative use of hedges in their gardens, two thousand years ago.

Famous Romans such as the gardener Columella, eloquent Cicero and the natural historian, Pliny really bring the Roman attitude to gardening to life! Plant choice, care and design – and the intricate shapes that box hedges were used to create … they are all here!

We discover their skill, methods and aims. Add to these, the stunning and vibrant Roman frescoes, and we can sense the Romans’ passion and can almost feel and touch the plants …

Take a stroll through Roman gardens and discover how much we owe them: the Romans did, after all, invent the art of topiary!

At the end of the talk there will be a chance to ask Gillian questions about the subject.

If you want to find out further info about the Romans and a lot more, take a look at Gillian’s online courses which can be found at