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Clipping hedges HL

Online Talk – Wednesday 14 April at 14:30 GMT

Hosted by Darren Lerigo of Modern Mint

Waltham Place is an organic, bio-dynamic garden and farm near Maidenhead. They work with nature, adapting to the ecology of the landscape and place, to create a haven for insect and animal life, fungi and indigenous flora.
With boxwood topiary and Long Borders backed by yew hedges clipped irregularly, this talk by the gardeners of Waltham Place will explore how the way you garden, invests in the future for everyone.
There will be a Q&A at the end of the talk where those joining via Zoom can ask questions in person or via the Chat option on both Zoom & YouTube.
NOTE: There are a limited number of spaces available on Zoom which will be open to the first 100 people to sign in on the day.  If when you try to sign in you get the message that the room is full, please view the talk via YouTube using the link in your confirmation email.
Waltham Place
Waltham Place